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Terra Vinealis

In 2009 we started growing and processing fruits and herbs in our own garden in Finby, South Finland. Our garden production is certificated organic farming. We are licensed to produce alcoholic extracts of fruits and herbs. Research, information processing and information flow within human health care is an integrated part of our concept.
Although we are a small family business we have a field of vision directed globally. We want to point out the importance of sustainability and do our share for it. When other companies boast of being big and having so and so many employees, we pride ourselves of being small and pretty. Our only full time employee is Roffe, our Finnish spitz, who keeps away harmful animals from our plantage.
We have an idea of "slow business".

It is generally asserted that wine-growing at our latitudes is not possible because of the cold climate in Finland. One of our projects is to test grape growing in our garden. Preliminary results from our vineyard are promising and will make own wine production possible in the near future.