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General information about some health effects of cherries

Anthocyanins are potent antioxidants under active research for a variety of potential health benefits. Cherries contain powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins and cyanidin. One study found the antioxidant activity of these substances isolated from tart cherries was superior to that of vitamin E and comparable to commercially available antioxidant products (ref.1).
Cherry anthocyanins have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in animals(ref.2). In an other animal study regular tart cherry intake was associated with reduced hyperlipidemia, percentage fat mass and abdominal fat (retroperitoneal) weight (ref.3).
Also in human studies the anti-inflammatory effect of tart cherries has been shown. Ingesting tart cherry juice for 7 days prior to and during a strenuous running event can minimize post-run muscle pain (ref.4).
There is a pilot study on humans suggesting that tart cherry juice has modest beneficial effects on sleep in older adults with insomnia (ref.5). Tart cherries contains melatonin (ref.6), a molecule critical in regulating the sleep-wake cycle in humans. Drinking cherry juice elevates the body concentration of melatonin which possible explaines the report of improving sleep duration and quality in healthy men and women having cherry juice supplementation (ref.7).
Patients with gout who consumed cherries over a two-day period showed a 35 % lower risk of gout attacks compared to those who did not eat the fruit (ref.8).

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